call out

1shout loudly 大声叫

The little boy on the watch started calling out when he saw somebody approaching stealthily.放哨的小男孩看到有人偷偷地走过来,就大声地叫喊起来。

Jane called out her boyfriend's name when she saw him across the street.简隔街看见男朋友时,就大声喊他。

2summon away from one's home or place of work 召集;召来;请来

All the firemen in the city were called out to fight the big fire.城里所有的消防队员都被召集来扑灭那场大火。

Doctors are often called out in the middle of the night.医生们常常在午夜被请去出诊。

3summon to strikeorder or bring into action 号召罢工;唤起或命令…行动

The trade union officials have called their members outon strike).工会号召全员罢工。

The fire brigade was called out twice yesterday.昨天消防队出动两次。