call up

1waken 唤醒

Please call me up at four tomorrow morning.请在明天早晨4点钟把我喊醒。

2telephone 给…打电话

Did anyone call me up while I was out?我不在时有人打电话给我吗?

I'll call you up when I need your help.需要你帮助时,我会给你打电话的。

3order to join the armed forces征召…入伍

During the warall the young people were called up to fight on the battlefield.战争期间,所有的年轻人都被征召参战。

He got his callup papers yesterday.他昨天接到征召入伍通知书。

4bring to sb's mind 想起

This picture called up memories of our class trip.这张照片使我们想起我们班的那次旅行。

5summon before an authorityput forward for consideration 传讯;提出…供考虑

All the witnesses were called up when the trial began.审讯开始时,所有证人都被传到庭。

The design has been called up.这个设计方案已被提出议论过了。