carry off

1take by force 抢走;拐走

Thieves carried off the farmer's sheep during the night.小偷在夜里劫走了那个农民的羊。

The gerrillas broke into the armouryand carried off 22 rifles.游击队冲进了武器库,夺走了22支步枪。

2performexecute 进行;扮演

The piano piece is difficult to carry off.这首钢琴曲不容易演奏。

3winsucceed in winning 赢;获得

He was a great success at schooland carried off all the prizes.他在学校成绩突出,各种奖品都让他拿到了。

His horse carried off the first prize at the race.他的马在比赛中获得头奖。

I think he will manage to carry off the honours.我认为他能争取到这种荣誉。

4killcause the death of 杀害;造成…的死亡

She was carried off by a heart attack.她因心脏病突发而死。

5deal with successfull or easily成功地应付;巧妙地对付

It was an embarrassing situationbut they carried it off well.这是一个尴尬的场面,但是他们成功地应付过去了。

I think she carried it off wellconsidering her age.按她的年龄,我觉得她应付得很不错了。