carry on

1continuemaintain 继续;保持

We must try to carry on our work in spite of difficulties.我们必须不顾困难,把工作继续下去。

I expect my son to carry on the family tradition.我希望我儿子能保持家庭传统。

2conducta businessa conversationetc.);follow 经营;进行(生意、谈话等)

The two cities have been carrying on trade for years.这两个城市进行贸易已经多年了。

It is difficult to carry on a conversation with all this noise around us.周围很吵闹,要在这里谈话很困难。

3behave in an excited or anxious mannerbehave wildly 吵吵闹闹;行动失常;恶作剧

The children have been carrying on all morning.孩子们整个上午都在闹着玩。