carry over

1move to a later date 延期

The concert will have to be carried over till next week because the singer is ill.因歌唱演员生病,音乐会不得不推延到下周举行。

2lastcarry forwardcontinue in another place or time)延续;在另一地方或另一时间继续下去

The habit carries over from his childhood.这种习惯是从他童年时代延续下来的。

The writing carries over on to the next page.这篇作品转接下页。

Would you please carry the report over on to another page?请把报告续到另一页纸上好吗?

3transport from one place to anothertransfer from one columnpageor book to another 从一地运到另一地;把…转到(次栏、页、册上)

Tobacco was carried over from the West to China.烟草是从西方传入中国的。

He carried the money over to the next month.他把钱过到下月份。

4win to one's side 把…争取到自己这边来

We did our best to carry him over and at last succeeded.我们尽力争取他,终于成功了。