catch on

1become popularbe done or used by many people 流行;受欢迎;被很多人接受

This novel caught on well.这本小说深受欢迎。

It's a nice tune and will catch on quickly.这首曲子很好,不久就会流行开来。

If only the idea could catch onwe should be able to make quite a lot of money out of it.但愿这个主意被采纳,那么我们就能从中赚一大笔钱。

2finally understandgrasp the point of 理解;明白;领会

After two hours of trying to learn the new gamehe caught on.这种游戏,他学了两小时才明白是怎么回事。

He didn't catch on to what you had implied.他没有理解你话中隐含的意思。

The lady repeated her question several times but I still couldn't catch on.那位女士把她的问题重复了好几遍,但是我还是没听懂。

3fasten accidentally oncatchgrab 挂住;抓住

My coat caught on a mail and tore.我的上衣挂住了一根钉子,撕破

The girl kept catching on to her mother's hand.这个小女孩一直抓住她妈妈的手。