catch up

1succeed in pursuingovertakefollow and finally reach 赶上;追上

You'd better drive fasterbeacuse the others are catching up quickly.你最好快点开,别人很快就会赶上来。

You go on aheadI'll catch you up in a few minutes.你前面走,我将在几分钟内赶上。

There was a tenmile chase before the thieves were caught up by the police car.追了10英里,警察的车子才赶上盗窃犯。

2seize hurriedlytake or pick up suddenlybe dragged into 突然拿起;匆忙抓住;被抱进

He caught up the ball as it rolled along and threw it back.当球向前滚动时,他急忙抓了起来就向后投去。

He caught up a stick and struck out at that man.他急忙抓起一根木棍向那人打去。

3capture or trap in a situationconcern or interest very much 俘获;卷进;非常关心或极感兴趣(常与in连用在被动结构中)

His clothing was caught up in the machine.他的衣服被卷进了机器中。

He regretted having been caught up in the affair.他后悔当初卷进了这件事。

I was so caught up in the movie that I forgot the time.我对这部电影入了迷,以至于连时间都忘了。

4adopt 采用;借用

These phrases were caught up and immediately became popular.这些短语已被采用而且很快就流行了。

5provide with the latest information 提供…最新消息

They caught us up on what's happening at the front.他们把前线的最新消息告诉了我们。

6follow and understand 听懂; 理解

They can't catch up what the foreign guest said.他们听不懂外宾讲的话。