check off

1check upput a mark beside sthto show that it has been counted 清点;核对;验讫

The teacher checked off each pupil as he got on the bus.老师一上车,就清点学生人数。

Please check off these lists again.请把这些清单再核对一下。

She checked off the names she wanted to invite。她在要邀请的人员名字上做了记号。

Please check off these parcels before they are despatched.在发送这些包裹前请打上查讫记号。

2go off duty 下班

We check off at six pmdaily.我们每天下午6点下班。

3deductunion duesfrom a worker's paycheck 从工资中扣除(工会费)

My dues were checked off every month.我的工会费每月从工资中扣除。