check out

1pay the bill and leave 结帐离开

Guests must check out before noonor they will be charged for the day.客人必须在中午前结帐离开,否则将付全日费用。

We headed directly for the airport after we have checked out of the hotel.我们付了旅馆费以后,就直接去飞机场了。

2confirm by carefully checking检验无误;核实

Would you check out these names and numbersplease?请检验一下姓名和号码好吗?

The accountant checked out the bills and found them OK.会计查对了帐单,发现正确无误。

Please check out each room to see if it is fit for a guest.请检查每个房间看看是否适合客人住。

3leaveresignassist departure of 离开;离职;辞职;帮助…离开

When he checked outI was appointed his successor.他离职后,我被指定去接替他。

They were checked out two hours ago.两小时前,有人帮助他们离开了。

The airline has checked their luggage out.航空公司已给他们办了行李托运。

4give or lend and make a record of it 发给或借出并登记

I checked out this book from the library in the morning.我今天早上在图书馆借了这本书。

The boss checked out the tools to the workmen as they came to work.工人们来上班时,老板把工具发给他们并作了登记。


I'm afraid he's just checked out.恐怕他刚刚去世。