clean up

1clean thoroughly 打扫干净;整理

She had to clean up the room after the children's party.孩子们的晚会结束后,她要把房间收拾一下。

They are cleaning up the mess.他们在打扫这堆乱七八糟的东西。

2wash and make oneself presentable梳洗;打扮

She often spends a lot of timecleaning herself up every morning.她每天早上往往要花大量时间梳洗打扮。

3make a lot of money赚大钱

His friend has cleaned up in the stock market.他的朋友在股市上赚了一大笔钱。

The company cleaned up in real estate.这家公司做房地产生意赚了很多钱。

4eliminateenemy forcesetc.);root outa social eviletc.)消灭(敌军等);根除(社会弊端等)

Leave a few men behind to clean up the last of the enemy positions.留下一些士兵来摧毁敌人的最后阵地。

So long as capitalism existscorruption can never be cleaned up.只要资本主义存在,贪污现象就不可能消除干净。

The mayor has decided to clean up the city.市长已下决心整顿市容。