clear off


The mist cleared off when the sun rose.太阳升起来后雾气就消散了。

2pay completely还清债务

I am glad to have cleared off all the debts.还清了债务,我很高兴。

3removedispose of 清理;处理

The shop decided to clear off the summer clothes when the winter fashions arrived.冬令时装上市时,商店决定把夏季服装处理掉。

Please clear the books off the table.请把书从桌上拿开。

Clear off the things in this cupboardplease.请把碗橱里的东西清理出去。


He must clear off the work before he goes on a holiday.他去度假前必须把工作完成。

5grow bright放晴

The sky will clear off in the afternoon.下午天会放晴的。

6leavego away走开;离开

I am busyclear off quickly.我很忙,快走开。

When the police appearedthe thieves cleared off.警察来时,那些小偷溜走了。