clear up

1improve or brightenbecome clear转晴

I hope it will clear up tomorrow.我希望明天天能放晴。

2find an answer tomake plain 解释;使明白;消除(误会、疑虑等)

The scientists have been trying to clear up the mystery.科学家们一直试图揭开这个谜。

The teacher cleared up the harder parts of the passage.老师解释了文章中较难的部分。

The police hope to clear the matter up quickly.警察希望迅速查清这件事情。

3tidy upcollect together and carry awayrubbishetc.)整理;集中并运走(垃圾)

I spent nearly an hour clearing up the room after the children's party.孩子们的晚会结束后,我花了近一个小时整理房间。

After the fete is over all the litter will have to be cleared up.在游园会结束后,一定要清理掉那些乱丢的废物。


The pills cleared up his stomach trouble.药丸治好了他的胃病。

The medicine will soon clear up your bad cold.这药很快就会治好你的重感冒。


The difficulty has been cleared up.困难已经解决了。

Now that the matter has been cleared up we can go on to consider the next point.既然那个问题已经解决,我们可以接着考虑下一步了。

I've lots of work to clear up by the weekend.周末前我有大量工作要完成。