close up

1block or shutseal堵住;封住

The opening in the wall has now been closed up.墙上的洞被堵住了。

We must close up the old wellIt's too dangerous.我们必须把这口旧井封起来,它太危险了。

2heal upclose completely愈合

Don't worryYour wound is closing up nicely.不要担心,你的伤口愈合得很好。

This kind of ointment will help to close up your burns.这种药膏会有助于你烧伤伤口的愈合。

3shut up停业;关闭

Business declined to such an extent that the store closed up last month.生意清淡到这个地步,那家商店上个月只好关门大吉。

The shop is closing upI must ask you to leave.商店就要关门了,我只好请你们离开。

4come or bring closer together in a line or lines把队伍靠紧

The sergeant told the men to close up their ranks.军士命令士兵把队伍排紧些。