come across

1cross a roadbridgeetc.穿过(路、桥等)

Don't come across the street when there is heavy traffic.车子多的时候不要过街。

2find or meet by chance偶然发现或碰到

I came across this old photograph when looking for a book yesterday.我昨天找书的时候,偶然发现了这张早年的照片。

3arise in mind浮现在脑海中

It came across my mind that I had met her before.我记得以前曾见过她。

A good idea came across my mind.我的脑海中有了一个好主意。

4give or do what is demanded or requested提供所要求的东西;交出

They'll come across a sum of money.他们将提供一笔钱。

The robber told the girl to come across with her purse.强盗要那女孩交出钱包。

5succeed in producing a desired effectbe understood and received well by others起到预期的效果;被理解;效果好

The speaker spoke for a long time but I am afraid his meaning did not come across.那位演讲人讲了很久,但是他的意思恐怕没有人会理解。

Your speech came across very welleveryone understands your opinion now.你的发言清楚明了,现在大家都理解你的观点了。