come aroundround

1regain consciousnessrecover from ill temperget back health苏醒;恢复理智;恢复健康

The girl faintedbut she came around after an injection.那个女孩昏了过去,但是打了一针后就醒了过来。

Don't scold the boyhe will come around in time.不要责骂孩子,到时候他的坏脾气会改的。

You need not worryThis patient will come around very soon.你不必担心,这位病人很快即可痊愈。

After this muchneeded rain my flowers will come around again.下了这场及时雨,我的花会重新恢复生机的。

2change one's opinion改变主意

Don't worryThe chairman will soon come around to our opinion.不要担心,主席很快就会转而同意我们的看法的。

John's opposed to our ideas at presentbut in time he'll come around.约翰目前反对我们的意见,不过到时他会改变看法的。

3happen or appear again and again in regular order定期出现;到来

The Midautumn Festival will come around soon.中秋节不久就要来临。

Evening shift for each member of the staff comes around every ten days.所有职员每10天轮流值一次晚班。

4pay a visit拜访

Why don't you come around and see us in the evening?为什么不在晚间过来看看我们呢?