come back


I'll come back in two hours.我两小时后就回来。

Their names are all coming back to me now.我渐渐想起了他们的名字。

The scene comes back to my mind.那情景又浮现在我的脑海中。

2return to a former statereturn to lifeconsciousness or vitalityetc.恢复原状;复活;恢复知觉;恢复活力

It's impossible for him to come back soon.要他早日恢复健康是不可能的。

The little girl came back a few minutes after she fainted.小女孩昏迷几分钟后醒过来了。

3become fashionable or popular again重新流行

Short skirts are coming back.短裙又开始流行起来。

4reply forcefullyretort强烈回答;答辩;反驳

When accused of thefthe came back with a stinging counteraccusation.别人指责他盗窃,他反咬人一口。

He came back with a strong protest against their false charge.他对他们的诬告提出强烈的抗议。

The lawyer came back sharply in defence of his client.这个律师为保护当事人进行了有力的辩护。