come down


Several trees came down in last night's storm.昨晚的风暴刮倒了几棵树。

The building came down in the storm.这幢楼在暴风雨中倒塌了。


Five of the enemy planes came down in the battle.在战斗中有5架敌机被打了下来。

3lessenbe reduced降低;减少

Her weight has come down again.她的体重又减轻了。

The child's temperature came down in the morning.孩子的体温在早晨降下来了。

The price of beer is coming down soon.啤酒的价格很快就要下跌。

4be given or left to people who are younger or come later传给;流传下来

The girl's necklace had come down to her from her grandmother.这女孩的项链是她祖母传下来的。

The custom has come down in our area for two centuries.这种风俗在本地区流传有两个世纪了。

This house has come down from father to son for eight generations.这幢房子代代相传已达8代。

5lose social rank失掉社会地位

I am fraid the family has come down in the world lately.我担心这个家庭的社会地位最近已在下降。

The elderly gentleman plainly has come down in the world.这位老绅士显然是已经败落破产。

He is coming down in my opinion.他在我心目中的地位已下降。

6provide moneyoften as a giftmake a gift of money出钱;捐款

We don't expect him to come down generously.我们并不指望他会慷慨解囊。

7decide to give support决定给予支持

I am determined to come down in favour of Jim.我决心支持吉姆。

8be forced toby povertyto do sthhumiliating(因贫穷)被迫做屈辱的事

He has come down to begging.他已沦为乞丐。