come in


When did the train come in?火车何时到达?

2become seasonable上市;到成熟季节

Watermelons will come in soon.西瓜不久就会上市了。

3take a place in a competition (比赛)获得…名

He came in third in the singing competition.他在歌咏比赛中得了第3名。

4become fashionable流行;时髦;时兴起来

When did the fashion for short skirts come in?什么时候时兴穿短裙的?

5be elected to powergain power 上台;执政

The socialists came in at the last election.社会党人在最近选举中当选。

6riseof the tide)(潮水)升涨

The tide is coming in.正在涨潮。

7have one's place or workserve a purpose起作用;做一份工作

I understand the scheme perfectlybut I don't see where I come in.我完全了解这个计划,但是我不知道我能起什么作用。

Don't throw these old newspapers awaythey may come in for something or other.不要把旧报纸扔掉,它们可能会有某种用处的。

8be received as income收入

The family has 5000 coming in monthly.这个家庭每月收入5000美元。

9existbe present存在;出现

Where does the joke come in?好笑在什么地方?

That's where the trouble comes in.麻烦就出在这里。