come off

1fallcease being joined to脱落;从…离开

This button has just come off.这颗钮扣是刚掉的。

2take place as planned举行;进行

The tennis finals will come off tomorrow.网球决赛明天进行。


The attempt isn't likely to come off.这种尝试不大可能成功。

I'm glad everything has come off so nicely.我很高兴一切进行得这样好。

If this method doesn't come offwe shall have to think of another.假如这个办法行不通,我们只好另想办法。

4have a resultturn out to be结果是

She came off badly in the match.她在比赛中成绩不佳。

The day came offthough it had drizzled early in the morning.虽然那天早上下着毛毛雨,后来却转晴了。