come onupon

1discover by chancemeet accidentally偶然发现;偶遇

I came on this paper in the readingroom.我在阅览室里偶然发现了这篇论文。

I came on an old friend that day when I visited the club.那天我去俱乐部时,意外地碰到了一位老朋友。

2happen to seize or have an effect on开始…起来;袭来

Fear came upon him as he stood in the empty house.他站在空荡荡的房子里,一种恐惧感袭上心头。

A desire to do the experiment again came on him.他产生了再次做实验的念头。

3return to the memory of回忆起

Suddenly it came on me that I had seen her before.我突然想起曾在哪里见过她。

4followdevelopmake progress 跟着来;成长;进展

I'll go firstplease come on soon.我先走,请你马上就来。

His business came on splendidly.他的生意十分兴旺。

How are your potatoes coming on?你的土豆长势如何?

5.(used as an imperative expressionindicating encouragementrequest(用于表示祈使句)表示鼓励、恳求

Come onTry it again!来呀,再试一回!

Come onThey are waiting.赶快,他们在等着呢。

6.(lawbe brought forward for discussion and judgement(法律)提出讨论或审讯

The case will soon come on for trial.这案子很快就要开审。

His case comes on this afternoon.今天下午审理他的案子。

7.(theatreappear on the stage登台;出场

Next the comedians came on and gave a marvelous performance.然后是喜剧演员上场,表演得棒极了。

8begin by degree逐渐开始

Night is coming on.天渐渐黑了。

Rain came on just before daybreak.天快亮时开始下起雨来了。

It came on to rain after midnight.午夜后开始下雨。