come out

1move outsideemergeappear 出来;出现

The sun came out from behind the clouds late in the afternoon.傍晚时分,太阳从云层后面露了出来。

2open into full bloomof flowers)开花

Some flowers have begun to come out in early spring.早春时节,有些花已经开放了。

The roses will come out next week.玫瑰下周就要开花。

3become clear or knownbe discovered明了;被获知;被发现;披露

The truth will come out at the enquiry.调查一下,真相就会大白的。

The secret will finally come out.这个秘密终究要被人知道的。

4be published被出版

When does the new book come out?这本书何时出版?

The Communist Manifesto first came out in 1848.《共产党宣言》于1848年首次发表。

That magazine comes out once a month.那个杂志每月出一期。

5reach a result结果是

Please tell me how the voting came out.请告诉我选举结果如何。

6reach a totalamount to a sum 总计

The total income comes out at 5000yuan.总收入达5000元。

7go on strike罢工

When their demands were rejected by their bossthe workers again came out.工人们的合理要求被拒绝后,又举行了罢工。

The men have come outon strikefor more pay.人们为增加工资而罢工。


I don't think these stains are going to come out.我想这些污迹是洗不掉的。

9.(a photoetc.)be developed (照片等)洗出来;照出来

He always comes out well in photography.他照像总是很上像。


come out with

1put forwarda proposalsuggestionetc.);make a statementsay提出(建议等);说出

There was silence for a few minutesthen he came out with a very good suggestion.冷场了几分钟后他提出了非常好的建议。

After some hesitation he came out with the truth.他犹豫了一阵子后说出了事情的真相。

He often comes out with funny ideas.他常常提出一些有趣的想法。

2put on the marketpublish投放市场;出版

The company has come out with three new models.那家公司已向市场投放3种新型号的产品。

They are going to come out with a greatnewdictionary next year.明年他们将出版一本大型的新词典。