come over

1come from a distancepass overhead or above 从远处来;从…上经过

He came over from North America last weekjust to see us.他上周从北美专程来看我们。

It's very noisy here because planes are coming over all the time.这儿嗓音很大,因为老是有飞机从头上飞过。

2change sides or opinions改变立场或意见

How would you like to come over to usYou could double your salary within a year.你愿不愿到我们这儿来?一年内你的工资就会加倍。

After a long debate they all came over to our side.经过长时间的辩论,他们全站到我们这一边来了。

3come from the other side ofas across a road to pay a visit随便来访

You really must come over sometime and have dinner with us.你该抽时间过来跟我们一起吃顿饭。

Come over anytimewe're always in.什么时候来玩都行,我们一直在家。

4suddenly feelqueerfunny and dizzy)感到(奇怪、有趣、头晕等)

She came over all dizzy just now.她刚才一阵头昏眼花。

I came over illso I had to lie down.我感到不舒服,因此我不得不躺下。

A fit of dizziness came over me.我突然感到一阵头晕。

A feeling of shame came over her face.她脸上掠过一阵羞愧的神情。

5be heard or seen on radio or TV 收看;收听

The programmes came over very well on my TV set.我的电视机收看效果很好。

His speech on the radio came over very well.他的广播讲话听得很清楚。

6cheat or foolsb.)欺骗或愚弄(某人)

He can't come over me with his story.他那套鬼话骗不了我。