come roundaround

1drop inpay a visit 顺便拜访

Come round when you have time.有空来玩。

I'll be free to see you if you come round this evening.如果你今天晚上来玩,我将有空见你。

2regain consciousnessget well from sickness恢复知觉;恢复健康

The unconscious man slowly began to come round.那个失去知觉的男人慢慢苏醒了过来。

She has had a severe illnessbut she is coming round again.她生了一场重病,但现在好起来了。

3change in opinion改变看法

I used to believe otherwisebut now I've come round to your point of view.以前我并不这样想,但现在我已转而同意你的观点了。

4recover from ill temperetc.冷静下来(不再耍脾气)

Don't scold the boyHe'll come round in time.不要责骂这个男孩,他终会平静下来的。

Tom came round when Dick told him the whole story.当狄克把事情的全部经过讲出来之后,汤姆变得心平气和了。

On second thoughts he will forget his anger and come round.再想一想,他就会气平怒息的。

5happen or appear again and in regular order有规律地出现;到来

Christmas will soon come round.圣诞节不久就要来临了。

Wellthe holidays have come round again.好了,假期又来到了。