come to

1amount toreach共计;总数为

The bill comes to ten million dollars.预算总计1000万美元。

The amounts you have spent will come to a large sum.你花去的钱将是一个大数目。

2regain consciousnessrecover from ill temper and become happy again恢复知觉;重新愉快起来

The doctor applied some medicine and he began to come to.医生用药后,他开始恢复知觉。

He will come to soon after the operation.手术后不久他就会醒来。

Father was in a very bad temper this morningbut he had come to by dinner time.上午父亲情绪极坏,但是到吃晚饭时他又高兴起来了。

3succeed in得到…结果;有出息

The boy has no characterHe will never come to much.这个男孩没有个性,将来不会有大的作为。

If you go on like thisyou will come to nothing.如果你继续这样下去,你将一事无成。

4speak of谈到

The school has good teachersbut when it comes to buildingsit is poor.这个学校的师资力量很强,但是论建筑物,却很差。

When it comes to mathematicsI'm completely at sea.说到数学,我完全是门外汉。

5arrive at as a resultresult in 达成;结果是

Then they came to an agreement.接着,他们达成了协议。

It comes to the same thing.结果都一样。

6signifybecome realized by意味着;意思是;开始被…所认识

What you say comes to thisyou don't agree with us.你说的无非是你不同意我们的意见。

The concert didn't come to our expectations.音乐会没有我们期望的那么好。

What your explanation comes to is that you can't accept our invitation.你的解释无非是说你不能接受我们的邀请。

In a flash the truth came to me.突然间我明白了事情真相。