come up


I expect something to come up soon.我预料不久就会发生什么事。

I'll let you know if anything comes up.如果发生什么事的话,我会让你知道的。

Many question came up about the quality of the project.关于产品质量的许多问题已经出现。

2move nearapproach走近;靠近

I could hear footsteps coming up behind me.我听见身后的脚步声越来越近。

He came up and introdued himself.他走上前来并作了自我介绍。

Christmas is coming up soon.圣诞节即将来临。

3begin to grow生长;长出

The flowers should be coming up now it is spring.春天到了,花儿该开放了。

The seeds I sowed last week haven't come up yet.上星期我播下的种子还没有发芽呢。

4rise in society or rank地位提高

He was born poorand came up the hard way.他出身贫寒,通过坚韧不拔的努力而获成功。

That politician has come up in my opinion since I heard his last speech.自从我上次听了那位政治家的演说之后,他在我心目中的地位已有所提高。

5be brought up for discussionbe mentioned被提出讨论;提及

The question hasn't come up yet.这个问题还没有被提出来。

When important questions come upthe members often lose their dignified ways and shout at each other.重要的问题一被提出来,议员们常常是失去了他们庄严的风度,互相争吵起来。

His name came up whenever the matter of nuclear energy was discussed.每当讨论核能问题时,人们总会提他的名字。

6enter a university as a student 进大学读书

He came up last year to study Modern History.他去年进大学读现代史。

When they first come upmost students are impressed by the freedom of university life as compared with the restrictions they have known at school.刚进大学时,与在中学时代所受的约束相比,大多数学生对较为自由的大学生活有了深刻的印象。

7be transported 运送

All our supplies have to come up by this railway.我们所有的生活用品都得靠这条铁路运送。

We destroyed the railway line to prevent the supplies from coming up to the enemy camp.为了切断给敌军兵营的给养运输,我们破坏了铁路。