come up to

1move nearapproachreach the height of接近;向…走来;达到…高度

A man came up to me and asked for a match.一个男人向我走来,要求点个火。

The water is coming up to the bank.水涨到与河岸相平了。


Your work did not come up to the expected standard.你的工作没有达到预期的标准。

He will come up to our expectations in his new job.他在新的工作中不会辜负我们的期望。

This picture does not come up to the one you showed me yesterday.这幅画没有你昨天给我看的那一幅好。

3have the expected ill effect or result on对…产生预期的坏结果

Excessive drinking and smoking will come up to him.过量地喝酒抽烟,他是要吃苦头的。