confide in

1trustbelieve in相信

You can confide in memy dearYour affair will be kept private.你可以信任我,亲爱的,你的事情我会保密的。

Why should I not confide in those that have been so kind to me?为什么我不该信赖那些一直待我这样好的人呢?

I confided in your good judgement.我坚信你有良好的判断力。

Do you confide in my ability to finish the work on time?你相信我有按时完成工作的能力吗?

2share secrets and intimate matters with 向…吐露秘密;讲心里话

Her heart was breakingand she had no one to confide in.她伤心欲绝,而且又没有人可以倾诉。

Modern girls seldom confide in their mother.现代女孩子很少向母亲吐露心事。