cool down

1become cool 变冷

The soup has cooled down.汤凉了。

2become calmer or less excited冷静下来

I won't talk to her until she has cooled down.她冷静下来我才会同她谈。

The situation has cooled down a lot since yesterday.形势从昨天起已平静了许多。

He cooled the situation down by offering mediation between the disputing parties.他主动提出在争执双方斡旋,从而使形势缓和。

3become less attracted or enthusiastic 对…冷淡(尤用于比喻)

Their friendship seems to have cooled down.他们的友谊似乎已经冷淡了。

His affection for her gradually cooled down.他对她的爱情逐渐冷淡了。