cut across

1go a short waytake a short cut across 走捷径;抄近路穿过

They didn't want to walk to the corner and turnso they cut across the lane to the bus stop.他们不想走到街道的拐角处拐弯而是穿过小巷到了汽车站。

We can gain time if we cut across this field.如果我们抄近路从这田野横穿过去,就可以赢得时间。

2interrupt 打断

Her loud voice cut across their conversation.她的高嗓门打断了我们的谈话。

3contradictbe opposite to 跟…相抵触;与…背道而驰

The chairman's decision cuts across the opinion of the whole committee.主席的决定与委员会全体成员的意见背道而驰。

I don't wish to press my suggestion if it woulh cut across anything you have in mind.如果我的建议违背你的想法的话,我不打算强迫你接受。