cut back

1return quickly 迅速返回

He cut back through the woods to where he had been standing before.他急速穿过树林回到原先一直站立的地方。

The wounded soldier recovered and cut back to his unit.这位伤兵养好了伤,很快就归队了。

2make shorter by cutting 剪短

The tailor cut the cloth back.裁缝把布剪短了。

We have cut the roses back in order to improve their growth.为了使玫瑰长得更好,我们已经修剪了枝干。

3reduce in quantity or amount 削减;压缩

The only way to do that is to cut back expenses.做到这一点的唯一办法就是减少开支。

After the big job was finishedthe builder cut back the number of men working for him.那项大工程完工之后,建筑商便裁减了工人的人数。