cut down

1make sthfall by cutting 砍倒

Many big trees along the road have been cut down for building houses.路旁的许多大树都被砍掉建房了。

2reducelessen 削减;降低

This factory's production has been cut down.这家工厂的生产减少了。

Strenuous efforts have been made to cut down government expenses to a desirable level.政府已尽力把开支削减到了一个理想的水平。

In the endI cut the dealer down by another 5.00.最后我使商贩把价格又减少了5美元。

The workers are doing all they can to cut down the accident rate.工人们正在尽一切努力降低事故率。

3deprive of life or healthby diseaseetc.)因疾病等夺去生命

The man was cut down in his primeof manhood by a pneumonia.那人因患肺炎而英年早逝。

4destroyan argument)驳倒

His arguments are very easy to cut down.他的论点很容易被驳倒。

He was so eloquent that he cut down the finest orator.他非常能言善辩,驳倒了最好的演说家。

5reduce the size ofclothesetc.)改小或缩短(衣服等)

The tailor is cutting down my dress.裁缝正在把我的衣服改小。