cut in


She always cuts in when other people are talking.别人谈话时她总要插嘴。

The telephone operator cut in and said that I had already spoken 3minutes.总机插话说我已经通了3分钟的话了。

I think I ought to cut in on what they are doing.我想我应该干预他们的事。

He was stopped when he tried to cut in on the queue.他想插队时被人阻止了。

2enter sharply into the path of another 超车;抢先

We were driving peacefully along the road when a police car cut inforcing us to slow down.我们的车子在平稳地向前行驶,突然一辆警车超了上来,迫使我们减慢了速度。

Accidents are often caused by drivers who try to cut in.司机超车抢先常常造成意外事故。

The police car cut in ahead of the escaping robber.警车拦截了那个逃跑的强盗。

3includeabsorb 包括;吸收

I would like to be cut in on this project.我想加入这个项目。

If you contribute 1000we'll cut you in,”the chairman of the charity committee said to MrsRobinson.“如果你捐助1000美元,我们就吸收你入会。”慈善委员会主席对鲁滨逊太太说。