cut into

1interrupt sth.(such as conversation)打断;插嘴

She didn't cut into the conversation but waited till they had finished speaking.她并没有打断他们的谈话而是一直等到他们谈完为止。

It is impolite of you to cut into the discussion in this way.你这样打断别人的讨论是不礼貌的。

2reduceuse part ofsthsuch as moneytimeunwillingly from减少;很不乐意地从…用去一部分(如钱、时间)

But that would cut into cut into our profit,”he said.他说:“那样会减少我们的利润。”

No doubt the extra work to be assigned you will cut into your sparetime.毫无疑问,安排给你的额外工作将会减少你的业余时间。

This plan of yours cuts into our schedule rather badly.你们的这个计划在我们的日程表里占去很多时间。

I shall have to cut into my savings to pay for the holiday.我将不得不从我的储蓄里拿出一部分钱来作为假期里的开支。