cut off

1disconnectthe supply of water or electricity);interruptturn off切断(水、电);中断;关掉

Their water supply was cut off.他们的水源被切断了。

All communications are cut off.一切交通都被切断了。

The telephone operator cut us off before we had finished our conversation.我们还没有谈完,电话就被总机接线员切断了。

The chairman will cut a speaker off if he talks too long.如果发言人讲得太长,主席会打断他的发言。

The motor was cut off as soon as something seemed to be wrong with it.一旦发现发动机似乎有点毛病,就立即把它关掉。

2remove by cutting the ends 切下来;剪下来

They cut off the heads of their captives.他们把俘虏的头砍了下来。

The rope is two feet longer than we neededso we cut off the extra length.绳子比我们需要的长两英尺,因此我们把多余的给剪下来了。

3isolatemake lonely 孤立

The enemy soldiers were cut off from their headquarters.敌军同总部的联系被切断,成了孤军。

The flood cut the villagers from the rest of the world.洪水切断了村民们与外界的联系。

4disinherit 剥夺继承权

He has cut his son off without a penny.他取消了儿子的继承权,一便士也不给。