cut out

1remove by cutting 剪下;剪裁

She cut out the photograph from the paper.她从报纸上把照片剪了下来。

The affected tissue was cut out from his leg.他腿部有病的组织被切除了。

2miss outomit 删除

You'd better cut out that sentence.你最好把那个句子删掉。

Let's cut out the unimportant details.我们把不重要的细节删掉吧。

3refrain fromstop doing sth.戒掉;停止

He has decided to cut out smoking and drinking.他已经决定戒掉烟酒。

4outrivalreplace 胜过;取代;把…排挤掉

The new supermarket will cut all the small shops out.这家新超级市场将会把这些小店全都挤垮。

He has managed to cut out his rival and marry the girl.他终于挤掉了竞争者而娶了那个姑娘。

5stop operating suddenly and unexpectedly 出乎预料地突然停止运转

As our engine suddenly cut out in the way we had to walk.因为发动机在半路上突然出了毛病,我们只好下车步行。

6shape sthby cutting 裁剪

The tailor cut out my coat very well.裁缝把我的上衣裁得很好。