cut up

1cut into small pieces 切碎

Please cut the apple up into equal pieces.请把苹果切成大小相同的块。

The cook was cutting up the meat for making jiaozi.厨师正在切肉包饺子。

The tailor cut up a large piece of cloth to make one shirt for me and two for my son.裁缝把一大块布裁开给我做一件衬衣,给我儿子做两件。

2wound 受伤

Her face was badly cut up in the car crash.她的面部在车祸中严重受伤。

3cause suffering to hurt the feeling ofupset 使痛心;使难过

She was very cut up about her father's death.她父亲的去世使她悲痛万分。

The boy was badly cut up when his girlfriend gave him back his ring.当女朋友还给他戒指时,这男孩非常伤心。

There is no need to be so cut up at not succeeding this time.不必因这次没成功就这样难过。

This news has cut him up.这消息使他心烦意乱。

4attackcriticize 攻击;批评

His book was severely cut up by the critics.他的书遭到评论家的严厉批评。

5behave in a comicboisterous or unruly manner 行为滑稽;吵吵闹闹;不守规矩

The boys cut up when the old folks were away.大人一走开,孩子们就开始胡闹起来。

At the party they cut up and broke the chairs.他们在晚会上胡闹并把椅子弄坏了。

6destroy or severely damage 严重破坏;毁坏;受伤

The machine guns cut up the enemy like knives.机关枪象刀子一样切入敌军心脏摧毁了敌军。