dam up

1seal with a damhold back by means of a dam 筑坝拦水

They have dammed up the valley and built a reservoir.他们已经在山谷里筑了坝,建造了水库。

2hold backrestraina feelingetc.)抑制(感情等)

She not only did her best to dam up her sorrowsbut went in for her work even more energetically than ever before.她不仅竭力抑制内心的悲痛,而且以更加充沛的精力投入了工作。

He dammed up his fury until he could no longer remain silent.他一直到忍无可忍时才大发雷霆。

We should do our best to dam up inflation.我们应尽一切努力来制止通货膨涨。