dig in

1work hardbegin to work 勤勉工作;努力干;开始干起来

My son dug in and finished his homework very quickly.我儿子很认真,很快就把家庭作业做完了。

If you expect to finish all this work in two hoursyou'd better dig in.如果你想在两小时之内完成这项工作,就得马上干起来。

2 begin eating with appetite津津有味地开始吃起来

The boys dug in ravenously.男孩们开始狼吞虎咽地吃起来。

Dinner's readyDig in everybody!晚餐已准备好了,大家吃吧!

3protect oneself by digging a trenchetc.; cover by digging挖壕沟等以藏身;把…埋在土里

The company commander ordered his soldiers to dig themselves in.连长命令战士们挖战壕,以便掩蔽。

The soldiers have dug in along the river.士兵们沿河边挖了战壕。

Dig this chemical in and crops will grow faster.把这化肥埋进土壤里,庄稼就会长得更快。

4establish oneself firmly in a positionetc.巩固自己的地位等

He has been working in this department for ten years and he's pretty well dug himself in.他在这个系工作已经10年了,已经站稳了脚跟。

5stick to one's own idea坚持自己的意见

When facts have shown that you are mistakenyou mustn't dig in.当事实已经证明你错了,你就不应该再坚持自己的意见。