dig into

1eat heartily eat with appetite 痛快地吃;大吃

They were so hungry that as soon as supper was servedthey dug into it hungrily.他们饿极了,晚饭一端上桌,他们就狼吞虎咽地大吃起来。

2delve intoinvestigate thoroughly努力钻研;彻底调查研究

When he digs into a problem he does not give up until he gets to the bottom.他要是钻研一个问题,就非弄个水落石出不可。

The detectives are digging into this whole business.侦探们正在彻底地调查整个事件。

He is digging into Chinese history.他正研究中国历史。

3apply oneself to集中精力做;全力以赴地干

They dug into their work with a will.他们全力以赴地工作。

4make inroads onsavingsetc.)侵占;动用(积蓄等)

They were forced to dig into savings to pay their current debts.他们被迫动用存款偿付债务。