dig out

1remove by diggingdiscover by digging挖走;发掘出

The gardener dug out the weeds.园林工人铲除了杂草。

They are digging out a large ancient tomb.他们正在发掘一座古墓。

2make bg digging挖;掘成

They are digging out a tunnel.他们正在挖一条地道。

3release rescue by digging通过挖掘救出

He was buried under the avalanche and had to be dug out.他被埋在雪堆中,必须把他救出来。

The rescuers managed to dig out the trapped miners.救护人员设法挖出了困在矿下的工人。

Some people are still being dug out of the ruins of the building.人们仍在挖掘压在建筑物废墟里的一些人。

4find outobtain发现;取得

Through investigation they have dug out all the facts.通过调查,他们已弄清了所有事实。

Where on earth did yod dig out these old clothes?你究意是从哪儿翻到这些旧衣服的?