dig up

1bring to light by digging what has been buried or hidden因挖掘而发现

An old Greek statue was dug up here last month.上个月这里挖出了一座古希腊雕像。

The archaeologists have dug up a remarkable collection of historical relics.考古工作者发掘出一大批历史文物。

These relics were dug up last year.这些文物是去年出土的。

2make a money contribution出钱

We all dug up to keep the poor on relief last month.上个月我们大家都出钱救济穷人。

3find or get sth with some effort发现;找到

The girl dug up some useful material for her English composition.这女孩为写她的英文作文找到了一些有用的资料。

The newspaper loves to dig up scandals.报纸喜欢揭露丑闻。

He always manages to dig up a fresh excuse for being late.他总能为他的迟到找到这样那样的新借口。

4break uplandby diggingremove from the ground by digging 翻土;自地上挖掉

They are digging up land for a new garden.他们正在翻土建一个新花园。

They want to dig these trees up to make the street wider.他们想把这些树挖掉拓宽街道。