dispose of


We have too much furniture let's dispose of the old chairs.我们家具太多了,把这些旧椅子卖掉吧。

He disposed of his house for100000 yuan.他以10万人民币的价格卖掉了房子。

2get rid ofthrow away 处理掉

Please dispose of the waste paper.请把这些废纸处理掉。

The doctor asked him to drink plenty of water to dispose of the sideeffects of the medicine.医生要他多喝水以去掉药物的副作用。

3eat or drink until it is finished 吃光;喝光

The children disposed of all the food their mother had prepared for them.孩子们把母亲所准备的食物都吃光了。

He disposed of 10 dishes and 5bottles of beer in a very short time.他很快就吃完了10盘菜,喝完了5瓶啤酒。

4handledeal withsettle处理;解决

The committee disposed of all its business in an hour.委员会在一小时内就把所有事情处理完毕。

He disposed of all the difficulties and succeeded at last.他排除了所有的困难,最后终于成功了。