do for

1be suitable for适合

The coat will do for Alice.这种上衣艾丽丝穿合适。

You won't do for a teacher.你不适合当教师。

These shoes won't do for mountainclimbing.这种鞋子爬山不行。

2serve the purpose of用作;充任

The box will have to do for a desk until the furniture arrives.家具来到之前,这个箱子就得当作书桌用了。

This place will do for a gymnasium.这个地方可以做体育馆用。

3care forattend to照料;帮…做事;替…管家

MrsBlack has been doing for the manager for ten years.布莱克夫人为经理料理家务已经10年了。

Mrs Wang did for me during my illness.我生病时王太太照应我。


He said that he would do for the policeman when he got out of prison.他说他出狱后要干掉那个警察。

Henry received a blow on the head that I thought had done for him.亨利头上挨了一下子,我想这下子已经送了他的命。

5ruin finish offdestroy破坏;毁掉

The severe storm did for most of the farm buildings.猛烈的风暴摧毁了大部分农舍。

Our team is done for.我们的队完蛋了。

My camera is almost done for.我的照相机差不多坏了。

6wear out entirely极其疲乏

At the end of a long day's hard work I'm just about done for.苦干一整天下来,我几乎累垮了。

7manage to solve or obtain设法解决或得到

How did you do for food during your camping trip?你们野营时是怎样设法弄到食物的?

What will you do for water while you're crossing the desert?你们穿越沙漠时将如何解决水的问题呢?