do in

1murder kill cheat谋杀;杀死;欺骗

Her neighbour tried to do himself in by taking poison.她的邻居企图服毒自杀。

The criminals have done in the old man.罪犯们已把那个老人杀害了。

He tried to do her inbut luckily she escaped.他企图害死她,但她很幸运地脱险了。


The horse was done in after the race.那匹马在竞赛后已精疲力竭了。

I felt done in after a long day's hard work.苦干了一整天我感到疲惫不堪。

This hard work did them in.干这么重的活,他们累坏了。

His business was done in by a big fire.他的商行给一场大火烧毁了。