do over

1do againrepeat重做;重复

The secretary did the work poorlyso her boss told her to do it over.秘书把这工作做得太差,因此老板要她重做。

Please do over yesterday's assignment.请把昨天的作业重做一遍。

Do your homework overit is full of mistakes.把家庭作业重做一遍,错误太多了。


If you don't like the colour of the wallyou'd better do the room over.如果你不喜欢墙壁的颜色,你最好把房间再刷一次。

The redecorating company did my whole house over.装修公司把我的家重新装修了一遍。

After being done overthe room really looks much nicer.房间重新装饰后,确实变得好看多了。