do up


She did up the dress.她扣好衣服。

Please help me do up the knot.请帮我把这个结打好。

2wrap uppack up包装

The books have been done up in brown paper.这些书已经用牛皮纸包好了。

Do up these papers and lock them in the safe.把这些文件包装起来,锁进保险柜。

Please do these things up for me.请帮我把这些东西包一包。

3repairimproverenovateput in better condition维修;装修;收拾

We'll have to do up the old house next summer.我们明年夏天得维修那座旧房子。

The house needs doing up.这房子需要修缮一下。

Let's do up this room first!我们先收拾这个房间吧!

4make oneself more beautiful打扮

She has done herself up for the party.她把自己打扮了一番,准备参加聚会。

5wash and press洗熨

Would you please do up my clothes?你给我熨一下衣服好吗?

6exhaustmake tired疲惫不堪(多用于被动结构)

He had been chairman of the meeting for five hoursHe was very done up.他主持了5个小时的会议,非常累。

They were all done up after a whole day's work.一天工作下来,他们都感到疲惫不堪。

He was completely done up after walking so many miles.走了这么远的路,他简直累坏了。