do with

1treatdeal with对付;处理

The teacher didn't know what to do with the naughty pupil.教师不知道该怎样对待那个顽皮的学生。

What will you do with these imported goods?你们准备如何处理这些进口货?

The play was terriblehalf the actors didn't know what to do with their hands.这个戏糟透了,一半的演员不知道手往哪里放。

2make dobe content withmanage with对付用;对…满意;将就着;凑合用

I will just have to do with what I've got.我只能将就着用我现有的东西。

Can you do with 500 yuan this school term500元钱这学期你够用吗?

We don't have teaCan you do with a glass of water?我们没有茶,你能凑合着喝杯水吗?

We couldn't afford fish so we had to do with meat.我们买不起鱼,只好将就吃点肉。

3tolerateendureput up with 容忍,忍受(跟cancould的否定式连用)

I just can't do with those boastful people.我受不了那些爱吹牛的人。

He couldn't do with waiting any longerso he left.他不能忍受再等下去,因此走了。

We can't do with such carelessness.我们不能容忍这样的粗枝大叶。

4find useful or helpfulneedwantbe glad to have需要;乐于接受(跟cancould搭配)

After a day's hard workhe could do with a bath and a good meal.辛苦工作了一天后,他需要洗个澡并美餐一顿。

OhI could do with a cup of tea.哦,我想喝杯茶。

Your coat could do with a clean.你的大衣需要洗一洗了。

5work withbe acquainted with 跟…打交道;相处(跟have搭配)

You shouldn't have anything to do with those people.你不要跟那些人相处。

He has to do with computers.他得跟计算机打交道。

I have got nothing to do with the matter.我跟这件事一点关系也没有。


HaveAre you done with the book I lent you?我借给你的书看完了没有?

I wanted to be done with it as soon as possible.我想尽快了结这件事。

He told me that he had done with those people.他告诉我他已不和那些人来往了。

Hitlerhaving done with his last mealfetched Eva Braun for another and final farewell to his most intimate collaborators.希特勒吃罢最后一餐,带着爱娃·勃劳恩,与他最密切的合作者再一次作最后告别。

I have done with cigarettes.我已经戒烟了。