double up

1fold as in half折叠

The mat is too thick to double up.床垫太厚了,叠不起来。

She doubled the blanket up.她叠起了毯子。

2bendas with painlaughteretc.(疼得或笑得)弯腰

They doubled up with laughter.他们笑得直不起腰来。

The impact of the blow doubled him up.这一拳打得他弯了腰。

He was hit by the baseball and doubled up with pain.他被棒球打中,痛得直不起腰来。

3share one room在一个房间共同生活

You two will have to double up tonight.”“We don't mind doubling up.”“今晚你们俩只好挤在一起住了。”“我们不在乎挤在一起。”

4hurry up快跑,赶快

Come onyou fellowsDouble up.来吧,伙计们,赶快。