drag up

1pull up把…拔出来

They tried every possible means to drag up the trees by the roots.他们想尽了一切办法把这些树连根拔起。

2raisea childbadly把孩子胡乱拉扯大

These children seem to have been dragged up rather than brought up.这些孩子看来是胡乱拉扯大的,没有很好地扶养。

3introduce unpleasantly不愉快地牵扯

Must you drag up all these old scandals?你非要把过去的这些丑事牵扯进来吗?

Instead of dragging up their past disputesthe two parties achieved unity through criticism and selfcriticism.双方不是纠缠历史旧帐,而是通过批评和自我批评加强了团结。