draw away

1move offpull away离开;拉开;引走

The car drew away as we approached.当我们走近时,车开走了。

The arrival of the teacher drew away the children from their play.老师来了,孩子们不做游戏了。

2move aheadmove away from one's opponent in a raceetc.跑到前头;在赛跑中跑到对手前面并与之拉开距离

The old man ran faster and faster and at last he started to draw away from others.这位老人跑得越来越快,终于超过别人并且拉开了距离。

The car was faster and soon drew away.小车速度比较快,一会儿就跑到前面去了。

3isolate oneself孤立自己

She has drawn away lately and we can't find out why.她近来不跟人们来往,我们也搞不清是什么原因。